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Youth, Teens, Young Adults, Adults, Seniors - We learn to exhibit the principles of Self Esteem, Self Confidence, Integrity and Teamwork which result in an enjoyable experience and a higher quality of life. Our clients are attracted to us for many reasons. Some want information and support for weight loss or the different products we offer such as the Health, Fitness, Training & Boxing instruction programs but few clients are successful without the small successes that we achieve as we move into learning how to actually "show up" for ourselves.

How many people think that because they join a club that the hard work is done? At some point, it simply becomes making yourself go to the gym. Then begin your workout. Then eating healthy foods. Even helping another with their workout. You are training your mind as well as your body. Our community environment consistently delivers support, Education and practical examples of how to move from the beginning stages of Health & Fitness into being a person that enjoys and experiences the rewards of integrating a consistent and healthy program into their daily lives. Call to schedule your Free Tour appointment 415.827.3874 and join the Novato Boxing Club, where "We Bring It!"

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