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Our Club is proud to have an exceptional stable of Professional and Amateur fighters representing Boxing, Kick Boxing & Mixed Martial Arts, all at various stages in their careers. If you have dreams of becoming the best fighter or best athlete you can be, this is the place to begin. You will have a chance to see their Personal Workout Schedule in action as they train at the Gym on an every day basis. You can find more information on them in our Staff section. We have found that most fighters have a “Heart of Gold” and are willing to support and share their knowledge with members of the Novato Boxing Club. This desire to help has given birth to our Mentors & Internships program. They have adopted the Universal Rule which simply states, "Never look down on anyone unless it is to help them up…" (author unknown.) Any person that violates this basic Rule will call their membership into question.

The biographies of many of our Fighters are located in our Library which is a component of the Education section located in our offices. To a person, they have learned the value of Commitment to Principles, Self Discipline and Leadership. They are responsible for living and sharing the Principles required to serve as examples and supporters of those dedicated to participation in a diverse and healthy community. As Leaders, they are Committed to the Self Discipline of exemplary behavior through their actions with others and in their application and performance toward accomplishing their Personal Workout Schedule. Say hello to them. They will surely be willing to share their knowledge and get to know you better.

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