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Welcome to the Novato Boxing Club’s Website.

We are a local Community Gym, Fitness Center and Training Facility providing Health, Fitness, Training & Boxing instruction and support serving Youth, Teens, Young Adults, Adults, Seniors and even Rehab Therapy. The Novato Boxing Club is a safe, active and fun environment where principles for healthy living are learned and earned. Self Esteem, Self Confidence, Integrity and Teamwork, as well as Accountability, Emotional Growth and Physical Health are products of the work done by our clients and facilitated by our Staff. It is a community that must be free of prejudice of any kind, emotional blocks to healthy thinking, one that rejects reactive behavior and provides a place where there is freedom to dream and is a safe place that encourages self improvement and support.

We accomplish the delivery of these qualities and results when the Leaders, Trainers and Members provide support in creating common goals, the opportunity to promote each other’s personal growth and advancement in achieving individual goals, not only physically but emotionally as well. Where we learn to exhibit the conduct of a society that understands Commitment to Principles, Self Discipline and Leadership which result in an enjoyable experience and a higher quality of life. Whether for weight loss or Nutritionally Balanced Training, our Staff is equipped with a full range of educational materials and direct experience that you can trust. The ongoing relationships at the Novato Boxing Club utilize accountability, caring and regular contact to be able to monitor and enhance your progress.

When you wish to become a Member of the Novato Boxing Club, we ask you to schedule an Membership Orientation Appointment where we can give you an in depth tour of the facility, where you will meet the Staff members and you will be able to create your own Personal Workout Schedule based upon your goals and dreams. Call to schedule your Free Tour appointment 415.827.3874 and join the Novato Boxing Club, where "We Bring It!"

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